Subscription rules, delivery / shipping, and cancellation policy

1) Subscription to the magazine is annual and payment to be made in advance.

2) Delivery / shipping of magazine will commence from a quarter subsequent to the one in which full payment is received.

3) No refund will be made for cancellation.

4) Magazines will be sent by post / courier within India.

5) For foreign subscriptions, issues of the magazine will be sent by air / ship.

6) The print version of Bhāvanā can be subscribed to, and paid for, online.

7) Complaints about non-receipt of an issue of the magazine will be considered before the next issue is shipped / posted and a copy of the missing issue will be sent.

8) Articles published in the magazine should not be reprinted / published in any other magazine / book without specific written permission from the publisher / Editor.

9) Bhavana Trust which publishes the magazine “Bhāvanā” shall have copyright / publishing right over the articles published in the magazine.

10) Institutional members will be supplied with two copies of each issue of the magazine.

11) The publishers reserve the right to change the price of the magazine without notice. However the same shall be effective from an issue subsequent to the one in which the said decision will be taken.

12) Bhavana Trust / Publishers of Bhāvanā magazine reserve the rights to change these rules if necessary.

13) Any matters / issues arising with the publication of Bhāvanā magazine shall be subject to the jurisdiction of city civil courts, Bangalore.

14) All the statutes and laws covering the publication of periodicals in India shall govern the publication of Bhāvanā magazine.